Two-storey villa in Budatín

rodina Turzova





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Žilina - Budatín

House is constructed as a two-storey building without the attic and basement. In respect to the slope terrain, ground floor from the western part is recessed to the slope. From the eastern part it is fully accessible from modified terrain. Second floor is accessible from the south part from the original level of the terrain. From the northern and eastern point of view, house is visually taken as a two-storey building, where on the northern part, there is a garage with the terrace on its roof, accessible from the second floor. Show more
House disposition is consistently separated into the "day" and "night" section to exclude unpleasant and interfering crossing. Reverse layout of the house zones places the daily zone on the 2nd floor. Main entrance is located on the 1st floor. From main entrance a technical room with house technology is accessible. From further hallway you can get to the children's bedrooms and to the staircase leading to the second floor. On the 1st floor there is a separate bathroom and toilet. From all the rooms you can directly get to the exterior. Architectural design of the exterior respects purpose of the building, existing environment and character of the surrounding, as well as the investors' requirements.
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